Investing is terrifying

Have you ever looked at an entire newsletter and realized that you had no idea what the newsletter was about? That’s how I felt reading my quarterly statement from my 401K company. It seems like I’m just giving my money away to someone who has no regard for my personal well-being; they certainly have no idea who I am. I hand over my hard-earned money, they give me a sheet of paper that lists a negative amount next to my chosen funds and some explanation of an “excessive trading policy.” I have no idea what it means.

And if that wasn’t enough to make me feel stupid, I got a notice in the mail that my entire investment is being rolled into another investing company because my firm was recently bought out. The brightly colored headline reads “CREATIVITY!”, but the inside was obviously not written for creative people. In fact, I can’t even get through the first page. Something about money markets or mutual funds…I still can’t tell. It could be written in Russian for all I care.

Yesterday I read in the Tribune that for my age group I should be investing 15 to 20% to prevent being “seriously behind” when I retire. Are you kidding? I invest 3% towards retirement, 3% to my “one day I’ll have a house” fund, and that still feels unfair to me. At this rate, I’m going to be dead before I can retire, and I will live in my crappy apartment all my life with the dishwasher that only opens halfway before it bumps into the refridgerator.

Time to read Suze Ormon to get educated about that CREATIVITY booklet. Good night all.

Today’s stupid purchase: $36.00 of scrapbooking materials because I ran out in the middle of chronicling my vacation. Excuses, excuses, I know.