How to save money with skype?

While there have been many developments in the area of internet communication, few have the potential to have such an enormous impact as Skype – the prominent VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service provider.

For those unaware of VoIP, this is a system which works over your existing internet connection allowing you to phone both fellow Skype users as well as traditional landline user. The system has been on the way for at least 20 years, although it is just recently that sufficient data transfer speeds became available (at affordable prices) and voice data quality improved. Technology has also been introduced which allows Skype users to enter the landline network and call landline members – this is done via a system of audio to digital switches which allow the data to be converted, sent via the internet, then converted back at the receiving end.

So how can Skype save you money?

Unlike traditional telephone networks, VoIP systems use the internet which is one of the most efficient data transfer systems ever produced. The cost of each call in minimal, whether you are calling your friend next door, or someone overseas. The new style VoIP telephone companies tend to charge a small monthly charge with calls free from Voip to VoIP customers, and small charges for traditional landline connections.

This system will also introduce many users to the delights of live video calls, not to mention the massive potential this has to reduce business telephone costs. Skype have stolen a march on their competitors and are probably the largest of the companies currently in the market, a market which is expected to show massive growth in the years to come.